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December tropical fish of the month: ‘Orange Head’ Electric Blue Rams

Tropical – ‘Orange Head’ Electric Blue Rams


Its quite rare we get these in at Aquahome so they wont be around for long.  We quite regularly get the Electric Blue Rams in, but the Orange Heads are certainly something a bit different.  A relatively peaceful fish from the Cichlid family, the Orange Head Electric Blue Rams have a striking appearance and although from the Cichlid family are relatively peaceful.  They grow to around 3” maximum in length and prefer a slightly acidic lower pH than other tropical fish ideally.  Ideally the Electric Rams should be kept in an aquarium of at least 80 litres with plenty of plants and swimming space.  The Rams also need a few caves in which to hide and if breeding flat stones for the female to lay eggs.  Currently on offer £11.95 or 2 for £20

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