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Juwel Aquarium Range available at 0% APR

Juwel Aquariums combine over 40 years experience of aquarium manufacturing with high quality materials to achieve the highest certified standards in the glass aquarium market.

Available in Black, White, Dark Wood or Beech and a range of shapes and sizes, there is no doubt a Juwel aquarium for every location.  Complete with filtration, lighting and heating for an easy plug and play system – perfectly balanced in every way.

For more information on this great range of product please click here

Juwel Aquarium Range Vision 260Black

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TMC Signature Aquariums

AQUAHOME are proud to present the TMC Signiture Aquariums



TMC Signiture Aquariums

Stylish, high clarity aquariums manufactured from Optiwhite (low iron) premium quality glass for super clear, true to nature viewing.

Rimless and braceless design ensures unobstructed view from all angles and a minimalist look.


Complete Signature Sets with Sumps

The same stylish, high clarity aquariums manufactured with Optiwhite glass, rimless and braceless tanks. The complete sets from TMC come complete with drilled tank, the high quality cabinet, sump filter system and the fittings.

TMC Signiture Aquariums

Please click here to see the complete range of the Aquahome TMC Signiture Aquariums



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Some great xmas deals are on the Juwel aquarium sets. Available now!:-

Juwel Rio 180 litre aquarium and cabinet RRP £528 ONLY £339 or £25.43 per month!

Juwel Lido 120 120 litre aquarium and cabinet RRP £428 ONLY £289 or £21.68 per month

Juwel Vision 180 180 litre bow fronted RRP £639 ONLY £449 or £33.68 per month (now also available in WHITE)

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Coming Soon……Red Sea Max C Series 130 and 250

Red Sea Max C Series



We have our very own new Red Sea Max C Series 130 due in as soon as they are available. New Features:-

Full REEF-SPEC® lighting, filtration and circulation.

All-new high flow, self-levelling, professional protein skimmer; more efficient, easier to control & with built-in silencer.

Improved hood fan efficiency; reduction in heat and noise generation.

New high performance ECO low energy circulation & skimmer pumps (made in Europe).

New 7-channel MAX® Control System providing even easier Plug & Play® control of all sub-systems.


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Hailea 30 litre Kit Aquariums

Hailea 30 litre Kit Aquariums


Hailea B30, 30 Litre glass aquarium complete with curved front corners in Black.
Dimensions, 310mm x 305mm x 370mm
Volume, 30 Litres
The B30 from Hailea offer excellent value for money aquariums with all the main equipment included such as lighting and internal filter. Comes complete with an all in one waterproof energy saving lighting system with strong light penetration and excellent colour display.
The B30 features a practical small open and close lid to feed your fish.
The whole lid will hinge open for full access into the aquarium.
The B30 are exceptional aquariums with curved front glass corners for unobstructed viewing.

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