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December tropical fish of the month: ‘Orange Head’ Electric Blue Rams

Tropical – ‘Orange Head’ Electric Blue Rams


Its quite rare we get these in at Aquahome so they wont be around for long.  We quite regularly get the Electric Blue Rams in, but the Orange Heads are certainly something a bit different.  A relatively peaceful fish from the Cichlid family, the Orange Head Electric Blue Rams have a striking appearance and although from the Cichlid family are relatively peaceful.  They grow to around 3” maximum in length and prefer a slightly acidic lower pH than other tropical fish ideally.  Ideally the Electric Rams should be kept in an aquarium of at least 80 litres with plenty of plants and swimming space.  The Rams also need a few caves in which to hide and if breeding flat stones for the female to lay eggs.  Currently on offer £11.95 or 2 for £20

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October tropical fish of the month: Colombian Red Fin Tetras

Colombian Red Fin Tetras at Aqua home aquatics centre Leyland

These fish also known as Blue-Red Colombian Tetra, is native to the Rio Acandi drainage system in northwestern Colombia. We have been lucky enough to have these fish in our own systems and make an attractive display but as they have only recently been introduced to the trade, they tend to be more expensive than other Tetras.

Colombian Red Fins grow to a maximum size of 6.5cm and keep a silver colour in the main body but with a nice colourful turquoise blue tinge from its lateral line upwards. The fins are red but clear near the fish body.

These fish are best kept in groups of size or more and average freshwater tropical temperatures of 24 – 26 Deg C. A hardy and adaptable fish perfect for newcomers or expert fish keepers.

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September Tropical Fish of the month: Archer Fish

Aquahome Archer Fish

Archer Fish is also known as the Banded Archer Fish and comes from small rivers and streams across Asia. These fish are unique in that they spit water at insects to make them drop to the water as a food source, with reports that they can even spit as far as 5ft away! They have a triangular shaped body that is mainly silver in colour. These fish are brackish type and we can give you plenty advise on these exciting fish in-store and usually always have them in stock.

You will need a good tight fitting aquarium lid as these fish are jumpers! Provide plenty of plants but leave the water surface clear so they can swim at the top of the water. Archer fish need mainly a meaty diet including also some vegetable based foods.

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Hailea 30 litre Kit Aquariums

Hailea 30 litre Kit Aquariums

Hailea B30, 30 Litre glass aquarium complete with curved front corners in Black.
Dimensions, 310mm x 305mm x 370mm
Volume, 30 Litres
The B30 from Hailea offer excellent value for money aquariums with all the main equipment included such as lighting and internal filter. Comes complete with an all in one waterproof energy saving lighting system with strong light penetration and excellent colour display.
The B30 features a practical small open and close lid to feed your fish.
The whole lid will hinge open for full access into the aquarium.
The B30 are exceptional aquariums with curved front glass corners for unobstructed viewing.

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