Red Sea Max E-Series Aquariums

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RED SEA E-Series
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AQUAHOME are proud to present the Red Sea Max E-Series™ Systems


The new Red Sea Max E-Series is now available to order. Ultra-sophisticated and feature-packed with only the finest in quality, reliability and professionalism – the rimless beveled edges of its open top tank and marine-spec cabinet bring along with it, a flawless circulation system and advanced filtration capabilities.

RED SEA E-Series

Elegant design:

Available in two different sizes, offered by the 2ft (170ltr) unit and the 3ft (260ltr) unit provide identical benefits. As a result of Red Sea’s beautiful skills in craftsmanship, the MAX E-Series incorporates a strong modern aesthetic, enhanced by an elegant rimless glass structure which seamlessly flows into a stylish cabinet, offering discreet storage space. These generous dimensions are perfect for housing the model’s standard in-tank filtration, or if opting to upgrade to the expert sump system as an exclusive add-on. The white laminate cabinet built into the sophisticated design of the aquarium, is finished with weather-proof Epoxy painted doors and a simple push-release opener, reinforced with solid stainless steel hinges.

RED SEA E-Series
Red Sea Max E-Series Pricing
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Model Aquahome Price  
MAX E 170 LED BLACK £1359

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MAX E 170 LED WHITE £1359

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MAX E 260 LED BLACK £1989

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MAX E 260 LED WHITE £1989

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Above prices include Free delivery anywhere in the United Kingdom *
Call now on 01772 623497 to discuss or place your order. Payment can be arranged with card payments or Finance, set up via email link meaning you don’t need to travel to our store OR come and pay us a visit and we will be happy to help! For more information on our finance please click here
RED SEA E-SERIES™ Specification

Ultra-Clear Glass:

The Red Sea MAX E-Series also allows the owner to enjoy a remarkable viewing experience through a 12mm thick ultra-clear glass front, providing a large area to admire the optical benefits of a crystal clear window, enhanced of course, by the beautifully clear water clarity results provided by its supreme filtration system.  The low – iron glass ensures the clarity

red sea e-series ultra clear glass

Full REEF-SPEC Configuration:

As with all masterpieces from Red Sea, the MAX E-Series has been integrated with the brand’s core principles in design and functionality. The complete plug & play unit underpins the recommended performance criteria for successful and sustainable growth of all corals in an artificial reef environment. Red Sea have dedicated over 25 years to perfecting their products to accurately reflect their expert knowledge within their niche field of expertise.

red sea e-series reef spec
red sea e-series reef spec
MAX® E-Series Media Rack
Integrated power centre
Chiller Ready Kit

Superb Hydra 26 HD LED lighting:

With 26 diodes, Hydra 26 HD LED lighting offers a full spectrum performance. The lighting innovation combines colour and power to give a remarkably improved performance by producing a limitless number of colour spectrum combinations to suit the individual needs and demands of your aquarium, making the lighting solutions a superb option for the depth of the Red Sea MAX E-Series tanks. As one of the most efficient pro level lighting solutions available and with a 90w power consumption, Hydra 26 HD lighting provides low energy consumption with the lowest heat output possible. By dramatically adjusting the power made available to each colour and borrowing power from where it is not being used, the LEDs deliver the most beautifully vivid spectrum to an aquarium tank in the most economical way allowing the user to switch up certain colours to meet specific needs, whilst lowering other ones.

The Hydra LED has been cleverly integrated with a unique built-in wifi system which allows the user to not only set daily on-off functions, but also adjust maximum power outputs assigned to specific colour schemes. The smartphone-friendly controller is also compatible with tablets and wifi-enabled computers and allows you to select your favourite weather effects, lighting schemes and cloud coverage via a simple swipe of a button!

red sea e-series aqua illumination lighting
red sea e-series aqua illumination lighting
red sea e-series aqua illumination lighting

In-cabinet sump upgrade with plumbing (optional upgrade for additional cost):

Not only do the Red Sea MAX E-Series aquariums come complete with all of the electrical components needed to run as a full marine reef system with filtration equipment that is built into the back of the aquarium and hidden from view, but they can easily be expanded by installing an optional Red Sea in-cabinet sump. If at the beginning or at a later date, it is desired to expand the capabilities of the standard aquarium, this can easily be done by purchasing the upgrade kit which consists of a glass sump with a dedicated constant height skimmer chamber, an integrated automatic top up, and a flow-regulated overflow.  As an easy advancement solution, livestock can be left in the aquarium during the installation of the Sump upgrade – a complete hassle-free process!

The additional sump pipework needed for the upgrade includes a flow regulated downpipe, an overflow pipe and a return pipe. Offering a unique way to customize your plug & play aquarium, the Red Sea Max E-Series Pipework comes with all of the necessary equipment needed to build onto both the Red Sea MAX E-Series 170 litre and 260 litre versions. The piping for the Red Sea Max E-Series will not only upscale the unit’s professional ability by allowing for larger volumes and stocking capability, but also guarantees a flawless silent operation and attaches to the series' multiple bulk head without any need for gluing, cutting or emptying of the aquarium itself. The equipment which runs from the sump filter system, including all pipwework such as a regulated downpipe, an overflow pipe and a return pipe is stored away underneath the discreet cabinet.

red sea e-series sump
red sea e-series sump

Max E’s professional surface skimmer:

The heart of the filtration houses the highly-professional MSK900 REEF-SPEC protein skimmer – a component which features an adjustable outlet gate with a media rack for Red Sea’s new highly absorbent phosphate-free carbon. The MAX-E’s surface skimmer is built with removable comb section to facilitate easy cleaning, plus a pair of multi-directional eyeball nozzles return the flow to the aquarium whilst offering an easy-to-adjust feature to ensure there are no dead spots within the tank.

red sea e-series surface skimmer
red sea e-series surface skimmer
Specification E-Series Features 170 260
Specification Description 170 260
System water volume Combined aquarium and sump (not including optional sump for MAX® E) 170 L (45 gal) 260 L (69 gal)
Aquarium volume Display tank 140 L (37 gal) 213 L (56 gal)
Rear Sump volume Rear sump (MAX® E) 30 L ( 8 gal) 47 L (13 gal)
Aquarium glass thickness Ultra clear front and side panels 12 mm (1/2”) 12 mm (1/2”)
Surface skimmer Built in surface skimmer on full width of aquarium
Lighting system AI Hydra 26™ HD (90W)* 1 unit 2 units
Lighting – standard configuration  Full spectrum with nominal total output 90W 180W
Lighting control WiFi based system compatible with all iOS, Android, and WiFi enabled Mac or PC.
Total circulation lph (gph)  Hidden circulation pumps (not including sump return) 1 x 2150 (570) 2 x 2150 (570)
Protein skimmer MSK 900: 900 lph (240 gph) water flow – 250 lph (66 gph) air flow
Chiller installation kit Fittings for easy chiller installation
Integrated power center Individually switched sockets for pumps and accessories with Circuit Breaker 7 Outlets 7 Outlets
Mechanical filtration Low density sponge filter media
Media Rack For rear sump
Chemical filtration High grade phosphate-free activated carbon 200g (7 oz) 400g (14 oz)
Cabinet frame Marine Spec 
Cabinet Compartments  Dedicated chiller compartment (not in E-170 if optional in–cabinet sump installed)
External Length 60 cm (24″) 90 cm (36″) 
External Width  57.5 cm (22.6″) 57.5 cm (22.6″)
External Height  Excluding LED light unit  142 cm (56″)  142 cm (56″) 
Optional In-Cabinet Sump
Water volume 41 L (11 gal) 46 L (12 gal)
Water height 20 cm (8″) 20 cm (8″)
Skimmer chamber 32×30 cm (12.6″x11.8″) 35×32 cm (13.8″x12.6″)
Pump chamber 30×12 cm (11.8″x4.7″) 35×12 cm (13.8″x4.7″)
RO reservoir volume 5.4 L (1.5 gal) 8 L (2.1 gal)
* for certain areas not classed as mainland UK, such as Northern Ireland, Ireland, parts of Scotland and the Channel Islands etc. a surcharge may apply - please check at the time of ordering
black ultra marine - metalic pearl antharite merlot metalic
black ultra marine - metalic pearl antharite merlot metalic silver - metalic