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Aquahome Inverts and Corals Section

To accompany our vast selection of Marine fish we have a section with 50 tanks dedicated to marine critters for clean up crew and other odd balls. We have a wide selection of corals available from small Nano Corals, Soft Corals, Hard Corals both SPS and LPS and also anemones and tube worms. We are a great store for any marine fish keeper, either beginner or expert.

Our coral section always provides and extensive variety with imports from all over the world. Some of which include:-

  • Algae on rocks such as Caulerpa, Grape and Red Grape
  • Nano Corals both Soft and Hard ideal for smaller aquariums
  • Mushrooms such as Green, Purple, Red, Striped, Furry and Coloured
  • Polyps such as Button, Star, Tree
  • Soft Corals such as Bush, Cabbage, Pussey, Finger, Toadstool leathers, Medusa
  • Hard Corals such as Brain, Antlar, Duncans, Hammerhead, Pom Pom, Table, Trumpet

Likewise we always have a good selection of critters on our own dedicated critterbank such as :-

  • Shrimps such as Cleaner Shrimps, Pistol Shrimps, Fire Shrimps, Dancing Shrimps, Boxing Shrimps, Harlequin Shrimps, Shrimp and Goby Pairs
  • Scallops
  • Snails such as Turbos, Trochus, Bumble Bee, Sand Sifting
  • Seahares
  • Slugs
  • Cowrie Tiger and Money
  • Crabs such as Hermits Red Legged, Hermits Blue Legged, Boxer, Decorater, Porcelian
  • Lobster such as Pink and Blue
  • Urchins such as Long Spine, Pincushion, Spineless, White Tip
  • Starfish such as Blue, Red, Choc Chip, Brittle, Cushion, Picasso, Sand Sifting
  • Clams
  • Many more!

This is only a small possible list of an always huge selection of marine critters and corals we have in store so please call to see if we have an exact species in stock for you or come and see what we have in store. If you have a special request for a marine fish we don’t currently have in stock then please let us know your requirements and we shall try our best to get them in for you. Please call or email us here.

All our staff are very knowledgeable and friendly so please don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions. We will advise on the care and feeding on all livestock we sell.

Aquahome Inverts Critters
Aquahome Inverts Critters
Aquahome Hard Corals
Please click on the images below to see some of our gallery images from our Corals & Inverts section
Aquahome Bubble Coral   Aquahome Ultra Zoa   Aquahome Inverts Banded Lonspine Urchin   Aquahome Ricordia sp.
Aquahome Green Plate (Cycloseris)   Aquahome Acanthastrae   Aquahome White Feather Duster   Aquahome Reef Lobster
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