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Aquahome Marine Section

Customers travel long distances to come and see our marine fish and we always receive good comments on how good our marine section looks and more importantly on the quality of our livestock. We have a large filtration system running our marine section with a 6ft tall protein skimmer, sand filters, digital heaters and UV Sterilizers to ensure only the best quality water and fish. We stock marine fish mainly from TMC and also from select imports from around the world so we always have a good selection of healthy marine fish available. We also have a dedicate marine quarantine room where we have can acclimatise and quarantine new arrivals when needed and also treat any fish needing treatment.

We always have good selection of Marine fish in our store and cater for most fish keepers:-

  • Angels such as Asfur, Blueface, Emperor, Majestic
  • Dwarf Angels such as Bicolour, Flame, Halfblack, Yellow Tail, Coral Beauty, Lemon Peel
  • Butterflys such as Copperband, Addis, Auriga, Collare, Longnose Yellow, Pearlscale, Sunburst
  • Clownfish such as Common, Percula, Clarki, Maroon, Saddleback, Tank Breds
  • Damsels such as Chromis, Blue, Cardinals, Dominos, Humbugs, Regal, Yellow Tail Blue, Tank Breds
  • Triggers such as Blue, Picasso, Moon, Clown, PinkTail
  • Filefish such as Aiptasia, Common
  • Tangs such as Yellow, Chevron, Lipstick, Mimic, Naso, Orange Face, Powder Blue, Regal, Sailfin, Purple, Sohal, Vampire
  • Wrass such as Cleaner, Jade, Orange Saddle, Peacock, Pyjama, Silver Belly, Yellow, Six Stripe
  • Hogfish such as Harlequin, Lyretail, Slingjaw, Spanish Hog
  • Dwarf Parrots such as Clown, Koi, Multicolour and Rosy
  • Eels such as Golden, Snowflake Moray
  • Puffer Box Corals such as Dogface, Hush Puppy, Jewel, Porky
  • Blennies such as Algae, Bicolour, Canary, Dot Dash, Gurnard, Jawfish, Midas, Siamese, Scooter
  • Gobies such as Nano, Arrow, Chalk, Court Jester, Eye Spot, Firefish various, Gudgeon, Manderin, Neon, Orang Spot, Paddlefin, Pink Spot, Saffron, Shotsilk, Tile, Torpedo, Watchmen, Yellow
  • Hawkfish such as Arc Eye, Caribbean, Hi Fin Checker, Longnose Hawk, Red Spotted Hawk
  • Venomous such as Lionfish, Fox Face, Leaf fish, Rabbit
  • Seahorses
  • Pigmy Basslet such as Banana, Gramma False and Royal, Jewel, Tank Breds
  • Flag Basslet such as Bleeding Heart Anthias, Bicolour Anthias, Dispar Anthias, Carlson Anthias, Diamond Anthias, Square Anthias, Wreck Fish
  • Sweetlips such as as Hi Hat, Oriental, Spotted Grunt, Striped
  • selection of oddballs such as Anglers, Goat Fish, Bass, Pipefish and more

This is only a small possible list of an always huge selection of marine critters and corals we have in store so please call to see if we have an exact species in stock for you or come and see what we have in store. If you have a special request for a marine fish we don’t currently have in stock then please let us know your requirements and we shall try our best to get them in for you. Please call or email us here.

All our staff are very knowledgeable and friendly so please don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions. We will advise on the care and feeding on all livestock we sell.

Aquahome Marine Section Front
Aquahome Marine Section
Aquahome Marine Section Side View
Please click on the images below to see some of our gallery images from our Marines section
Aquahome Lipstick Tang   Aquahome Clown Wrasse   Aquahome Hawk Fish   Aquahome Garden Eel
Aquahome Long Horn Cowfish   Aquahome Bangai Cardinal Fish   Aquahome Clown Fish   Aquahome Anthias
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